The Modified Single Buyer framework, is a new market platform for the electricity industry in Namibia and it builds incrementally on the existing Single Buyer (SB) model i.e. it represents a modification of the existing market structure.

    The main change to the current Single Buyer model is that the Modified Single Buyer will allow transmission electricity consumers and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to transact with each other directly for the supply of electricity. Transmission customers will therefore now be able to buy a portion (up to 30 percent) of their energy requirements directly from a private Generator. The MSB will further provide an opportunity for the deployment of new generation technologies such as battery storage.

    The final market framework document will be uploaded on the website once it is publicly available. The effective date for the new market is 01 September 2019, in the meantime the ECB will finalise drafting the regulatory tools for the market including Market Rules and Wheeling Guidelines.